best Online Gadgets Store in USA

Here is Why Sellwindow is the best Online Gadgets Store in USA

Is Sellwindow legit? Have questions about why sellwindow is the one of the best online gadgets store in USA? Here come the answers. We have put together 20 of your most frequently asked questions covering every step of the process from placing an order to shipping, tracking, exchanges & refunds, warranty policy, our warehouse locations and customer service and provided detailed answers to every single one of them.

Sellwindow is one of the best Gadgets stores in USA because of its cool collection, prices, discounts and exclusive benefits like Free Shipping, Fast Delivery, Easy Returns and many more. Here is some of the best reasons and answers to your questions which shows how Customer Satisfaction is our priority and how we are growing so fast towards becoming top 5 best online gadgets stores in USA.


Why Sellwindow is the best Online Gadgets Store in USA?

We will answer this by answering these very common queries which you may have in your min while shopping on Sellwindow.

best Online Gadgets Store in USA

Placing an Order


1. How I can track a Sellwindow Package ?

Packages can be tracked by visiting your my account in You can also track the package by visiting the Delivery service provider‘s website. The best time to track the parcel is after 12 hours receiving the tracking details.


2. Why prices of different products on Sellwindow fluctuate?

At Sellwindow we work hard to ensure we can offer our customers high quality products at the lowest possible price. This happens very rare because of super deals. We do our best to maintain the best possible lowest price .


3. How do I know if my order can get free shipping?


Sellwindow offers Free shipping on all products but only if your cart value is above or equal to $10. You will then have several delivery options to choose from (standard post, DHL, etc.).


4. How do I cancel my order?

You can cancel any order that has not yet been shipped. You can do this under “My Orders” section in your account. Then you can find detailed instructions on how to cancel your order on Sellwindow. You can also send us an mail to help you cancel your order on Sellwindow.


Shipping an Order


5. Will I need to pay extra tax?


If the warehouse from which your order is shipped is located in the country of destination, you won’t need to pay taxes. If the warehouse is located in a different country, additional import duties may apply.


6. Why is my delivery taking so long?


If your delivery is taking longer than 25 business days after shipment, please consult Customer Service. You can also inquire at your local post office or the courier service you’ve used.


7. How do I deal with Dead On Arrival products?


If the product you’ve ordered arrived damaged or is not working, you can return it for an exchange or refund within 3 days of its arrival. First, take a good picture or video of the product, illustrating the damage. Then, mail us the same. After that, you can proceed with returning the product and getting a return or exchange.


8. Why need to go to the Post Office to check if my package has arrived?


If you have not received the package within 25 days of shipment, it may be waiting for you at the PO box. If your package was sent through Expedited Shipping, you should contact the courier company to check for updates.


9. What should I do if there are items missing in my package?


First, contact our Support Center with your order number and the product code (SKU number). Please send us a clear picture of the outer packaging, all shipping labels visible, and (if applicable) the item received. We will try our best to provide the best possible solution for this.


10. What if I am not satisfied with the product.


The arrangement depends on the cause of your dissatisfaction. If you’re not satisfied with the product, you can reach us at


11. Where does the refund go?


Sellwindow Customer Care will get in touch with you and ask where you want your refund to be transferred.

Find out more on our Policy Page here.




12. How do I choose the warehouse?


It all depends. Usually, Sellwindow system will automatically allocate a default warehouse on the product page. And the product in the default warehouse is often the cheapest. However, the allocation of the default warehouse is simply based on the product price without considering other factors like freight charge, delivery time and so forth.


Besides, if there is only one warehouse available to the product, there will be no warehouse options on the product page.


13. Do I have to pay extra tax for warehouse?


You will only be charged additional import duties and only if the warehouse is located in a different country from USA. If the warehouse is located in the USA, no additional taxes or import duties will be applied.


14. Do you have warehouses in USA?


Sellwindow has many warehouses throughout the world. And the products and services are provided based on your own location. Please select the warehouse during the checkout and check your tracking information for more details. You can also view the warehouse options on the product page.


Customer Care


15. How do I find the Support Center?


You can find the Sellwindow Support Center here. You can also use the live chat facility available on the Sellwindow at the bottom right corner.


16. I’ve written to Customer Service but they have not replied me.


We understand that your questions are urgent and our Customer Service replies to all inquiries within 24 hours. In the rare case that you do not receive a reply after 24 hours, please accept our apologies and re-submit your inquiry.


Payment Related


20. What payment methods are available while shopping on Sellwindow?


Sellwindow mainly supports 4 kinds of secure payment methods presently: Secure Credit Card, Debit Cards, Netbanking — Powered by Razorpay.


We have tried to cover all your queries which can smooth the shopping experience at Sellwindow. At Sellwindow, our priority is to provide best shopping experience by spending less on best quality Cool Products.

We at Sellwindow, continuously trying our best to become one of your favourite and best online gadgets store in USA.

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