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How free shipping works on Sellwindow?

Sellwindow offers free shipping on almost all products. The main focus of this amazing to meet the needs and budgets of every customer. However, free shipping also exists for budget-conscious buyers. For those who want to learn more about how this works, our handy guide gives you the essential lowdown.
1. What shipping methods does Sellwindow offer?

Sellwindow offers three main shipping methods that is Free Shipping, Sellwindow Standard Shipping and DHL. The shipping time and shipping cost of each shipping method are also different:

Available Shipping Methods
Estimated Shipping Time
Shipping Cost 
1. Free Shipping
15-48 business days
2. Sellwindow Standard Shipping
15-30 business days
3. DHL
7-15 business days$40.00
2. Can I choose the warehouse my item(s) is shipped from?

Yes. The data on our products page is split by our regional warehouse locations; China, USA, and ES. Generally speaking, shipping from the warehouse nearest to the destination (shipping address) helps you get your shipping parcel fastly.

3. Does Sellwindow offer free shipping for customers?

Yes! You can order any product with FREE Shipping but the price of the cart should be more than $5.

4. Do any exemptions apply for free shipping?

Yes, to be eligible for free shipping, the package must meet the minimum cart requirement i.e., of $5.


Sellwindow offers three shipping options which includes Free Shipping, Sellwindow Standard Shipping and DHL. You can choose any shipping method according to priority during checkout. However, to avail Free Shipping, your cart value should be more than $5.

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