Dusty Doom™ Cleaning Sweeper

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Dusty Doom Dust Cleaner is a dusting attachment that works with all vacuum cleaner. It features dozens of individual suction tubes that are small and flexible.

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Features –

Dusty Doom Dust Cleaner picks up dust like no other. This unique vacuum attachment is designed to get dust out of every nook and cranny. It picks up the dust not your things.
uses dozens of individual, tiny suction tubes. These tiny tubes are flexible and unlike other cleaning tools, they can go nearly anywhere dust hides. Clean around tiny objects without removing them first. Perfect for cleaning around fragile objects.
also comes with a universal adapter so it can connect to any vacuum. Ordinary attachments are limited by their size and shape but the Dust Daddy flexible tubes go anywhere.
Great for vents, keyboards, drawers, window blinds, furniture, cars and so much more. It is the best cleaning tool ever.

Benefits of Dusty Doom Dust Cleaner

  • Attachment Picks Up Dust Like No Other!
  • Made with 36 Flexible, Micro-Size Suction Tubes.
  • Flexible Tubes Dust Around Objects – No Need to Move Things Before Dusting!
  • Tube Adjuster Slides for Concentrated Suction or Wide Cover.
  • Easily Attaches to Most Vacuum & Ergonomic Grip for Comfort & Control.


Specifications of Dusty Doom Dust Cleaner

Total length of product: 31cm
Pipette length: 18cm
Casing length: 15cm
Product inner diameter: 4cm
Package: 1 Set/Brush+Universal Adapter
  • Convenient to Use-The dust cleaner can be used by directly connected to the vacuum cleaner. No need to move things before dusting, Perfect for cleaning around fragile objects.
  • Clean with Less Effort -With this vacuum attachment,you don’t have to empty your drawer before clean it, just use our unique vacuum head. Less effort required! Do not let the cleaning dust take up too much of your time.You’ll be amazed with the vacuum attachment.
  • Unique Design-The dust brush cleaner is made with 30 flexible, micro-size suction tubes,0.16 prounds weight,total length 13 inch.(SUITABLE FOR most horizontal vacuum cleaners with 1.25”/1.37” (32/35mm) inner diameter interface hose.)
  • Get Rid of Dust You Couldn’t Reach– The dust brush cleaner is great for cleaning your vents, keyboards, drawers, window blinds, furniture, cars and much more. It is the best cleaning tool you have ever owned.

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Dusty Doom™ Cleaning Sweeper 6


Dusty Doom™ Cleaning Sweeper 7

This dusty Doom Dust Cleaner universal vacuum attachment work with MOST vacuum cleaners. Please measure and confirm your vacuum hose diameter 1.45 inches ( 37mm ). It comes with blue adaptor 1.30 inches (33 mm) for smaller hoses, also include dyson adapter, one cleaning brush so the tubes will always stay clean. 

ADVANCED DESIGN Vacuum cleaner adaptor will make your life so much easier when it comes to cleaning, especially for tight places you couldn’t reach before thanks to high quality 30 flexible tiny tubs master duster will get around large item without worrying to get sucked in. 

MULTIPLE USES: Use this dust pro cleaner brush to access hard corners around the house such as air vent, sofa, furniture’s, bookshelf, drawer, computer, keyboard, jewelry, pet dust, car, plants.

EASY INSTALLATION Simply attached dust cleaner tool to your vacuum, use an adaptor if needed slide in the tube and it’s ready to work.

WARRANTY We value our customers and always do the best we can to make sure you’ll be satisfied with your porches, standing behind you and our products are our goal. So we offer you 30 days money back guarantee. Please feel to contact us with any question.


This product is a limited production and is not available in stores. WILL SELL OUT FAST!

  • Broom Head Material: PVC
    Broomstick Material: Plastic
  • Dustpan Material: Plastic
    Usage: Home
  • Type: Hand Brush and Dustpan
    Model Number: XC-012
  • Art.No.(article number): The three generation dust collector
    Product category: Dusting and dusting
  • colour: OPP, color box.
    texture: plastics
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6 reviews for Dusty Doom™ Cleaning Sweeper

  1. M. smith

    Breathe new life into your vacuum! I was amazed what a new brush would do. My vacuum now runs like it was brand new.

  2. Cori Perej

    I have a nutone central vac, somehow I can’t get it to fit all the way but it still works well for cleaning my keyboard, laptop and desktop computer. Pretty happy with it!

  3. Mike Doucette

    Saw this only; like most I thought it would be a gimmick. When I saw the low cost I took the plunge and I’m happy to report that this adapter is exactly what I needed to clean up around fragile displays, inside computers, and other odd locations. The “straws” are stiff, keeping a solid vacuum head, but flex enough to not damage items you are extracting dust and debris from. I was able to vacuum a LEGO display without a single item lost. The straws easily lift quarters and other objects, but nothing larger than 2.5mm can be sucked in the vacuum. I am utilizing an older, more powerful Dyson upright (the adapter works great), and the only thing is, due to the physics there is a minor loss of suction with the loss of airflow volume. This adapter also works well in cleaning up more shop space work area. Well worth the price.

  4. Jonathan Ramos

    Love this! I can finally easily clean my sliding door and window tracks. Just used it for the first time so I’m sure I’ll find many additional uses.

  5. John Buffett

    I tried this because of the other reviews on the site and they did not steer me wrong! My only issue was figuring out how to get the cover off of the vacuum. After a duh moment, I was off and running! The replacement of the brush was easy and quick. My Dyson now works like it did the day I got it! Awesome purchase, would definitely order this again!!

  6. Reggie Jackson

    The roller brush works great and installs just like the original Dyson part. The roller is slightly different from the original Dyson part but that doesn’t seem to affect its performance. The main difference is that on this part the two spiral brush rows have brushes that are the same height whereas on the original part one row has brushes that are higher than those of the other row. Also, the grouping of the brushes within a row are slightly different than the original part. As stated earlier this doesn’t seem to affect performance and the brush works great. It is also a great value.

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